Thanks for taking the time to get to know the Fernandez family. In 2014, when we were only a two person family, we took off for a year long trip around the world. While this would have been a wonderful point to start a blog we were too distracted with surviving as two New Yorkers completely out of our comfort zone.

In 2018 the family grows by one. With the addition of Olivia we were often met with the phrase “guess you won’t be traveling as much now” or at all. We heard it so much we almost started to believe it ourselves. So as soon as we had the pediatrician’s approval we took off on a 19 hour flight to Hong Kong from Atlanta with three month old Olivia. Olivia did not know it but she was creating two parents that were forced to learn all they could about traveling with children.

It’s our hope that this site will empower you to travel with your family. The benefits of travel don’t require a passport, an extremely long flight, or even a flight at all. You simply need to go to a place you have never been or even a familiar place and look at it in a new way. Taking your family with you, near and far, insures generations to come will have a wonderfully large world view. Expanding who they include when they use a phrase “people like me”…


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