Davis McKinney Recommends,

Welcome Davis McKinney! Davis will be our expert on all things Porto. Living in Porto he will give you an inside look at restaurants and other activities.

Davis recently completed a career in international business in the information technology sector based in the United States. He has traveled extensively and lived abroad throughout much of his adult life including a number of expatriate assignments in London, Riyadh, Paris and Dublin.

Now retired and living in Porto, Portugal, Davis continues his travels, enjoys sharing these experiences through food and travel writing and is also doing some business consulting in the Portuguese interior design furnishings area supporting his girlfriend’s business.

Davis McKinney doing what he loves, exploring the streets of Porto.

2 thoughts on “Davis McKinney Recommends,”

  1. Hello… my husband and I and our small dog, Stella, are currently touring Portugal. 90 days of bliss! I came across your blog and am enjoying very much. We will make it to Porto in about a month. Thanks for the insights.


  2. Thanks for the kind words! You will have a blast here. Please let me know if you need any other tips or suggestions.


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